Floral Sculptures & Endangered Species Society (FS & ES) was founded in 2010. At its center
is one of the largest art collections for endangered flower species worldwide.
Its main objective is to foster and promote circulation of the documentation and exhibit events creating
awareness for sensitive and endangered flora through exclusive photographic art images on behalf of scientific foundation.
For this purpose FS & ES Society cooperates with different Botanical Gardens worldwide.

The artist Richard Fischer, CEO of FS & ES Society has dedicated his art work to endangered flora to ensure a
continued flow of new images to supplement the collection.

Shortly Richard Fischer was nominated and won as member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) - Commission for Education and Communication in Gland/Switzerland. The Commission of Education and
Communication (CEC) is one of the six commissions of IUCN, a global network of active, voluntary, professional experts in learning, education, communication, capacity building and change management.

Through this membership and by sharing expert imaging the FS & ES Society helps develop leadership for sustainable solutions, to manage change in people, organisations and to connect conservation to people with varying beliefs and realities.

Floral Sculptures & Endangered Species images contribute to making CEC the cutting edge on global networking for conservation and sustainable development learning. In making this project as event-exhibition available
to the public, sponsorship is inevitable as resources are limited.

The FS & ES Society therefore is dependant to financial support. Sponsorships for future artistic, photographic documentation and exhibition presentations therefore are welcome.

Multinational companies, institutions, private donors and others are invited to join, to contribute and help the objective prosper. In case of interest please contact CEO Richard Fischer @ mail@richardfischer.org

Bank Account: IBAN DE30 6609 0800 0019 6066 96